Richard Gordon

First European Advertising production consultant

Richard began his career as first assistant director in feature films , and he joined advertising agencies Lintas and Grey where he was in charge of TV production services in Paris.

In 1977, enrolled at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and got a BA in Cinema and Television.
He then worked as production manager of the video department of Columbia Pictures in New York.

Back in France in 1983, he started his own firm “Richard Gordon Consultants”, which is now the leading European consultancy firm for TV commercials production. Its mission is to ensure making the best film at the best price .

For three years , the firm has developed print, digital and events departments.

Daniel Cattan

A graduate of Louis Lumière cinema school, Daniel trained as a director of photography. He became a film director and met Richard in 1994 when he produced one of Daniel’s short movies. Richard and Daniel stayed in touch and shared their respective skills for many years.

In parallel to his career as a filmmaker, Daniel contributes his technical advice, which proves increasingly valuable as technologies grow more sophisticated. Daniel joined the firm in 2003.

He now has 23 years’ experience in producing cinema and advertising films.