Vanessa Vallette

Production consultant

In a 30-year career as TV production department manager in renowned advertising agencies including J. Walter Thompson, Saatchi & Saatchi and Ted Bates, Vanessa worked for a broad range of advertisers across all sectors of business.

She has perfect knowledge of how agencies and their clients work, as well as the creative, decision and production processes and budget constraints. Vanessa joined Richard Gordon Consultants in 2007. She works in partnership with agency TV production departments.

Zoe Viel

Print consultant

After 10 years’ experience as an account manager in a leading post-production company, Zoé contributed her production and post-production expertise to a cost-control firm where she worked for five years.

A production consultant at Richard Gordon Consultants since 2008, Zoé has a firm grasp of the film production process and supports large-scale projects from design through to release.

Olivier Fredon

Webmarketing Consultant / Cost control

After 15 years in the sales department of several consulting firms, Oliver founded a web marketing agency and he has led since 2007.

There continues to develop its expertise in Web marketing and business and became a specialist in Interactive Digital Communication and Communication. With recognized experience in web marketing, it accompanies the digital strategies of prestigious brands in many areas such as website design, eCommerce, SEO or the implementation of e-Learning solutions.

It is in 2015 that he joined as a partner team Richard Gordon Consultants with a mission to assist purchasing and marketing services throughout the tender process and the budget negotiations for digital projects, enabling the firm to expand its cost control know-how into online projects.